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What is Electrochlorination?

The process is based on the electrolysis of seawater as it flows through an unseparated electrolytic cell. The resulting solution exiting the cell is a mixture of seawater, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid.

This involves manufacturing sodium hypochlorite and electro chlorination on the spot by the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution. The application of this method is particularly attractive when the salt solution is available in the form of sea-water chlorination makes it possible to eliminate the constraints imposed by considerations of safety when large amounts of liquid chlorine have to be stores. There is no need to provide large reagent storage tanks since the manufacture of sodium hypochlorite proceeds continuously to meet the demand as it occurs. Where the starting solution is an artificially prepared sodium chloride solution, the problems of handling and transport are greatly simplified by the fact that the reagent is harmless.


- Proven technology to convert natural brine with electrolysis process to generate sodium hypochlorite

- Tailor Made Systems

- Corrosion Proof Engineering

- Inhouse facility to manufacture anodes/electrode required for electro chlorinator

- Anodes/Electrodes used in electrolyzer are dimensionally stable

- Anodes/Electrodesare MMO coated

- Advance electrolyzer design

- Ease of implementation and After sales service

- Operational efficiencyUnique Design of electrolyzer

- Unique Design of electrolyze>

- Designated special facility to build and test system


- Public and Private industries/plants
‚Äč- Power plantsPetroleum Industries/Refineries

- Coastal industries using seawater for utility

- Smart Cities/Colonies/Residential Towers

- Offshore Platforms

- Commercial swimming pool

- Water treatment facilities

- Pharmaceutical industries water disinfection

- Textile/Steel/Pulp and Paper industires

- Desalination facilities

- Plate Cell or Tubular cell custom made as per user needs

- Liquefied Natural gas Terminal (LNG)
- Desalination facilities



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