Atieh Pardazan Sharif (APZ)

Vendors List and Forums:

  • Electronic supply system for Petroleum industry Ministry of Petroleum (EP.MOP)
  • Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM)
  • Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Co.
  • Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company
  • Jam Petrochemical Company
  • Supplying Petrochemical Industries Part Equipment and Chemical Engineering Company
  • Aghajari Oil and Gas Exploitation Company
  • Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company
  • Mobarakeh Steel Company
  • MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company
  • ‚Äč‚ÄčInnovation and Prosperity Fund
  • Iranian Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Society
  • Iranian Offshore Oil Company (Vendor Number: 9338)
  • Mobin Petrochemical Company (No.2300)
  • Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (No. 972910)
  • Shazand Petrochemical Company
  • Mapna Group


vendor-pg-atie-pardazan-sharif vandor-mobin-atieh-pardazan-sharif vendor-amirkabir-atieh-pardazan-sharif vendor-jam-atie-pardazan-sharif  vendor-aghajari-atie-pardazan-sharif vendor-bandarAbbas-atie-pardazan-sharif vendor-foolad-mobarake-atie-pardazan-sharif vendor-mapna-group-atie-pardazan-sharif vendor-list-apzsharif-sandogh-shokoofaei vendor-anjoman-mavad-atie-pardazan-sharifvendor-anjoman-mavad-atie-pardazan-sharifShazand Petrochemical CompanyBandar Imam Petrochemical Comppany Vendor List      Mapna Group _ APZ Vendor ListSIPIEM _ APZ Vendor List